Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Last Week of Kindergarten 2013

This is the second quilt that I made with the kids this year.  One of our teaching assistants got married in October and she is expecting a baby in August.  She won't be coming back after she has the baby and we will miss her.  We have three days of school left and we are having a baby shower for her tomorrow morning.  

The kids all got to color a rectangle with fabric markers.  I used their pictures as the outside border of one of the sides of the baby quilt.  The teachers signed a rectangle, too!

We have been having lots of fun these last few days.  Today the classes all rotated and we read a book about ocean creatures and then made an art project from the book.  We made jellyfish, seahorses, octopi, Rainbow fish, and sharks!  Very fun!

My kids actually fot to go to art today, too.  When they came back in, I told them to put their smocks into their backpacks and they were so excited about it!  Woohoo!  We get to take our smocks home!!

Then we made some cute pictures based on the book, In the Tall, Tall Grass.  The kids used bingo markers, glitter, and some tissue paper to make their creations.  Love them!

 A few more random pictures as I look around the room before we take it all down and send it home:

 And as I cleaned out my filing cabinet, I found this gift we made 13 years ago for our parent volunteers. The little ruler is a magnet, just like the gifts we make now (want to see them?  here is a link.)

The next three days are early dismissal days.  There is still so much to do!!  I will really miss this class but I am ready for summer!


April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Oh my goodness!! That quilt is SO Adorable!! What a great gift that will be treasured!


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