Sunday, June 30, 2013

Books for Teaching Math

I am joining the linky party at First Grade and Marvelous.  Here are some books I use to teach math to Kindergarteners:

1. Mouse Shapes
I love all of the books in this series by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  This book is a great review of shapes for my kids at the beginning of the year.  You can follow up the book by having the kids make shape pictures.

2.  Fish Eyes
This book is a very engaging  counting book.  You can also extend the idea by having the kids make little counting books and art work to match the book.

3.  Ten Black Dots
We love this book!  My kids make a class book using dots to make a new picture.

4.  Quack and Count
Another counting book for the beginning of the year.

5.   Counting Crocodiles
My copy of this book shows how well loved it is!  This is a story of a little monkey who wants to cross to another island and tricks the crocodiles on his way across.  Lots of counting sets.

I love books!  I have way too many!  I have my picture books for math in special tubs so I can find them easily.  I love starting math with a book to engage my young students.

Go check out the other posts and learn about more books you can use!


gidgetsbookworms said...

great books Quack and Count is fun to read especially aloud. Ten Black Dots is a fun one that you can do so many fun activities with!

Paula Shaw said...

I hadn't seen any of these - thanks so much for blogging about them.

Elizabeth Petrocelli said...

Thanks for sharing...I am your newest follower!! Very cute blog!

If You Give a Teacher a Blog... said...

I love Ten Black Dots and Counting Crocodiles as well. Those little monkeys are so clever. Thanks for sharing!

~DeAnne~ said...

Cute counting books. Thanks for sharing and linking up.

First Grade and Fabulous

Love, Luck and Laughter said...

Mouse Shapes? How did I not know about this? :)

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