Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Big Thank you for our Volunteers:Freebie!

Our school is very lucky to have parents who are willing to volunteer and help us in the classroom.  We have parents help us in different ways: at lunch and recess, in the classroom, as room parents, as chaperones on field trips, and as Mystery Readers.

 Our room parents will get a potted flower with the kids' thumbprints on it (they use sharpies to turn them into bees and ladybugs).  I won't make those with them for a few more weeks (hate to get too far ahead!)  I will try to post them once I get them made.

We like to thank our classroom volunteers each year.  Some years we have had a special volunteer luncheon or tea but many parents were unable to attend.  This year we are giving the volunteers certificates and a thank you magnet.

We make our magnets by printing out some cute clipart and using Mod Podge to attach the clipart to round clear glass marbles-the flat kind you use for the bottom of vases.  We trace around each glass wafer so that they match perfectly.  Once they dry, we use a glue gun to attach small magnets to the back of the clipart and wafer.  They turn out pretty cute!  I usually hand write a thank you note and stick the magnet in the envelopes.

I made some of the printable thanks (I made it in powerpoint so you can change it if you need to), in case you are looking for a small thank you for your volunteers!  They would also look cute with pictures drawn by the kids.  I was thinking it would be nice to do at the beginning of the year with the kid's pictures and the year (for hanging pictures on the fridge!).

Let me know if you need more info!  Have fun!
Thank Rainbow



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