Friday, February 8, 2013

100 Days in Kindergarten!

Those little dots are the numbers from 1-100 for the students to find.  They are all over my room!  At the end of the day, I enlist the fifth grade safeties to find them all and stick them onto a hundred's chart for me.  Works like a charm!

Today was number 99!  Very exciting!  Tomorrow is the 100th day in Kindergarten this year!

My kids will be busy with 100 day activities all day.  We put up 100 stickers with the numbers 1-100 on them all over the room today.  Tomorrow, they will each be armed with a clipboard, a crayon, and a 100's chart.  They will roam the room to try to locate all the numbers and color them in on their own chart.

We will read Mrs. Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten (isn't it amazing how she celebrates the same things we do?).  After we read the book, we make a class book about We can eat 100..... (fish, cookies, pizzas, etc.).  Very cute book!

We have enough bees to count to 100!

We will make 100 trains of unifix cubes.  We build 10 tens and hook them together.  This is fun but takes an adult to keep an eye on the center as it tends to veer off the track and begin to be a competition for building the longest of one color and ignoring the mandate to make 100 cooperatively!

We also make some very fun 100 day hats.  This year we will be adding 10 strips with 10 dots each to our silly hats.

We already made ten dots in ten circles with watercolor paints yesterday.  We used q-tips to make our dots.

Only 80 days left! The year is speeding by!


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