Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dr. Seuss Ideas for Kindergarten and a Freebie!

March definitely came in like a lion!

Next week is Dr. Seuss's birthday!  We will have fun activities all week.  Um.  Maybe.  More snow is expected on Monday.  But we shall persevere and get some fun activities in there somehow.

It is also the first week of the MSA testing in third through fifth grades for our school (and all of the schools in Maryland).  So there will be plenty of kids wearing their pajamas backward and searching the sky for flakes.  I am so done with winter.  Bleah!

School wide, we have older kids come in and read Dr. Seuss books to another grade level.  The fifth graders go all out and create Dr. Seuss games to play.  We have daily Dr. Seuss trivia contests on the announcements.  We encourage the kids and staff to dress as Dr. Seuss characters on March 3 (the day we get back to school if we are snowed out).  And we read lots of Dr. Seuss books.

For our math tubs this week, we have a few fun ideas.

We will make a One Fish, Two Fish adding book.  The kids get a quarter sheet book with five pages of copy paper stapled inside.  They roll two dice.  The first dice they will make with red fingerprints and the second will be the blue fish.  They add tails and fins and eyes.  They write the number sentence and solve it.  And repeat.  They are really cute.

We make necklaces that have addition problems on a Cat in the Hat hat.  They solve the problems, color the hats, cut out the hats, fold them over and glue them on the yarn.  This one can be hard for some of my kids so I help them with the cutting.  We differentiate the math problems.

We play Roll a Rainbow hat.  We made up simple directions.  You can find the hat here.

We also have some Dr. Seuss addition papers, a roll and color the hats game, and a Green Eggs and Ham game (made commercially) that I will get out if we need them.

For our art activities, we will make an elephant handprint from Horton Hears a Who.   Here is a cute picture from catholicicing.  (We will not be making a political statement with ours.  I just think it is cute!)

We make an adorable Cat in the Hat.

We will make Thing One and Thing Two out of popsicle sticks like these. I found them on pinterest and cannot find their owner.  The link says google search.  If they are yours, please let me know.  Thanks.
They are so cute!

We let the kids make a rhyming hat with the at word family, too.  I think that's it.  I have more March ideas on my March Kindergarten Art pinterest page if you want to check it out.