Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monsters Go to School! And a Freebie!

Have you seen these cute books from Creative Teaching Press?  I don't work for them or anything, I just like to use their monster books.  I think I have three or four of their titles and we use them to reinforce the rules at school. They are all very simple and the kids can reread them easily.  I made some felt monster puppets and my kids get to act out the book The Five Little Monsters Went to School.  Of course we get to do it four times so that they all get a turn.

Five Little Monsters: felt, puffy paint and wiggly eyes!

This year I am hoping to let the kids act out the book while we snap pictures with the ipad and then they can narrate the book and we'll save it.  Haven't gotten to that quite yet.  :)

 I made a simple paper book to go with the Where do Monsters Live? book.  The kids color and fill in the color words.  Nice and easy!

We also read Go Away Big Green Monster and make these cute monsters.  We used green paint with some gold glitter mixed in on the first day.  I have them fold the paper in half and write their names.  Then they glob on the green paint and close the paper on the fold.  They smear it around with their hands and we open it up to see how it looks.  The next day we decorate the faces.  I model it but then try to let them do their own things.  They cut out teeth, eyes, mouth, noses, and ears then use the purple glitter for the hair.  I love how they come out!

Other fun monster activities:

We practiced our subtizing while making a Monster face in math.

We also sing a little song to go with the book.  It goes to "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain" and it is very simple: Go away big green monster, go away.  Go away big green monster, go away. (repeat, repeat, repeat).  Silly and fun!

There is an ipad app, too, that I have used with my own grandchild but not at school yet (we need a dongle!).


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