Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kindergarten Classroom 2013

I finally took pictures of my room this year.  Like all of us, I spent the first few days moving the furniture back into place and trying to locate where I stored my magnets and word wall and many other mysteriously placed items!  
We have been in school for four days.  I am quite exhausted!  I have very cute and nice kids: ten boys and ten girls.  We are having lots of fun.

Here is my home away from home:

Word wall.  I am lucky to have a magnetic wall at the back of the classroom.  The white board is waiting for magnetic letters.

Word wall, mailboxes, door to hallway.  Here you can see one of our lovely Kindergarten assistants.  We have six teachers and three assistants this year.

Art table in use!  The glass block wall leads to the cubbies.  I still have some supplies out on the countertop.  I am lucky to have a sink under those cabinets.

Job chart, computers, and a slice of the rug.

Paper storage

Assistant's desk, job chart, printer.

View of the front of the room.

Number quilt, art storage, top row will be for book boxes.

Question of the day chart on the bathroom door.

Cubbies, book storage

Student bathroom

Love the new Eric Carle numbers above the word wall.

Windows and door to playground, Four Seasons quilt, watermelon numbers, book shelf, another Chicka boom boom tree.

Front of the classroom, schedule, calendar, bee rules, Daily Five, book shelf, Special Friend chair

My rocking chair, globe, big book storage, morning message

Cafe board (and mess yet to be cleaned-sorry!)

ABC quilt, flag, teacher's desk and storage
There you have it!  Hope you are all just as happy and tired as I am!  One more day to the three day weekend!


Mary Jo said...

Wow! You're room looks awesome! I hope my son gets a kindergarten teacher with as much enthusiasm and care as you. (And a wonderful room!) I am getting nervous. For us, school starts on the 11th. We still haven't found out his teacher's name!

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