Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fourth Quarter! Yay! Boo! and a Freebie!

We are in the last few days of our third quarter!  My kids count the days of school every day at calendar time (you too?  Great way to get them comfortable with bigger numbers!).  We are now on the 134th day of Kindergarten.  46 more to go!

As my friend would say, it's a Yay! Boo!

Yay!  Only 46 more days! (Summer!  Whatever problems we have in our class will move on to another teacher.  We get to sleep in.  More time with my beautiful granddaughter.  We are going to the beach.  I get to visit California and see my family. All good things.)

Boo! Only 46 more days! (We have only a few weeks to teach everything we keep meaning to teach but haven't gotten to yet. Time to write report cards.  Time for endless meetings. We have to assess all the kids one on one in math and language arts.  We have to get ready for our end of the year program.  We love our kids and hate to see them go.  We just got them all to be students who can follow the routines and really learn.  I look around during Daily Five and see them all working away calmly and I am so proud of them.)

I do love this time of year.  We study the pond creatures and insects.  We go to the computer lab and create class books and slide shows.  We watch our gardens grow and caterpillars turn into butterflies. We sing and dance and create art.  It is a very exciting part of the year.

Here is a math sheet I created for my kinders to practice subtracting from 10.  Most of them thought it was easy because we had already learned the addition facts that make a 10.  Using the common core has definitely changed how I teach math!  On this worksheet, there are 10 ladybugs so the students can cover up the part they are subtracting to reveal the amount that would be left.

Ladybug 10 Subtraction


Edana said...

I'm your newest follower!!

I am sooo with you on counting down! We're in 4th quarter too!! :)

Color Me Kinder

Amy said...

so cute, I'm a new follower, counting down with you!!

The Resource(ful) Room

Heather's Heart said...

I agree! One minute I am counting down and excited. The next minute I am freaking out because there is still so much to teach!

Thank you for for the *freebie*. I have lots of math *freebies* that I would love for you to come check out. They are great for math centers. =)

Heather's Heart

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