Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Word Work!

I am very happy with my kids this year!  We have been gradually adding to the Daily Five activities.  This week they are choosing Listening, Partner Reading, or Read to Self as well as meeting with me for reading group. 

 Next week we will add in Word Work activities.  We have practiced a few already (rainbow names will be rainbow words, magnetic letters to spell names becomes magnetic letters to spell words, roll and write letters becomes roll and write words).  

I set up my word work centers in 10 rainbow drawers.  The drawers can be set on a table for the kids to work.  I have a few that don't need a drawer (like write the room) or won't fit in them (like playdough).  But here is what is in the drawers:

1: Wiggle worm game (Jessica Meacham-  kids write the letters or words (whichever they need to work on) based on what they spin.  I use cardstock to print the spinners and then lay a clear plastic spinner over the top.  The kids get a plain piece of paper to write the words/letters.  When the spinner lands on the wiggle worm, they stand up and wiggle.

2.  Sticky wicks (or Bendaroos): kids use them to make words printed on laminated cardstock.

3.  Roll and write: I have foam cubes with letters and sight words on them.  The kids roll and write.  One side has a star and they can make stars when they roll one.

4.  Alphabet or Sight word bingo- We have several different versions.
The kids each draw a card to read aloud to the group.  I supply stickers for everyone after they fill their cards.

5.  Picture dictionaries: the kids choose a word to write in a small book and illustrate it.  They choose their own words so they may choose an easy word or a harder one, depending on their level and interest.

6. See it, stamp it, write it (The Lyon's Den) Kids love using the letter stamps to stamp the words.  

7.  Word family stamps (Lakeshore Learning): I give the kids two word family stamps.  They are to stamp each one 7 times and fill in the beginning sound or blend.

8.  Zap!- The kids pull out a stick from a pringles can.  They read the word and keep the stick.  If they need help, they ask a friend near them.  If they get a Zap stick they put all their sticks back in.  The kids write the words they draw on a piece of paper.

9.  Sight word stamps (Lakeshore Learning).  These are dotted word stamps.  The kids trace over the words.

10. Rainbow writing-kids pick a card to write the word in rainbow colors.

I set out one drawer (I know some people let them choose what to work with but I need them to work together).  After each Daily Five session, we gather on the carpet and share. 

 The kids from the Word Work station share their words (usually about 5 words).  The kids from writing share their writing. If the kids did a written response from reading group, they share it here, too.   I use this time to reinforce concepts, praise their work, see how much they accomplished, and hold them accountable. 

 I don't put grades on their daily papers and the kids put them into their mailbox right after they share them (so I don't accumulate many stacks of papers each day!).

I am linking up to Rockin' Teacher Materials.  Jump over and find more word activities!


Jennifer said...

This post came right into my life at the perfect time. I am at a new school and running out of ideas... my old school was very scripted... we just came in and taught. I feel like I am making everything up right and it is no fun! I would prefer a more balanced feeling here... give me some stuff and let me alter it. Anyways.. thanks for the center ideas!

And oh.. the rainbow cart.. I just love. I have three that I use for cubbies. I bought mine at Costco when they were $20, now they are are like $70. That makes me literally want to throw up! They know teachers are using them... so jack the price up. Make me mad. Every time I see a rainbow cart like that I have to share my feelings because of the big picture.. pick on the poor people! =)

Kay... just wanted to share and say thanks!

Empowering Little Learners!

Rebecca said...

These are awesome! I adore the rainbow cart! Have a great rest of the week!

drwoodbury said...

This is great! I am a third year k teacher and my goal this year was to setup and implement centers a lot sooner in the school year. And, my goal next year will be to set up this great cart system and use it. It seems a little overwhelming as there appears to be a lot of setup so I will start prepping materials now. On another note, I'm impressed you have been doing the Daily Five. I tried to do this last year, and got frustrated with my kindergartener's not being able to stay on task so I was not consistent with it. Partner reading was the worst as they didn't know how to read. Maybe my goal for January when letter name fluency and phonemic awareness are established, I can implement the Daily Five!

andrea chiu said...

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