Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week Five and a Few Freebies!

It has been a busy busy five weeks, too.
Here are a few pictures of a few of the fun activities we enjoyed the first few weeks of Kindergarten.
We only had four days of school this week (we were off for the Jewish New Year).  We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear a few times.  We made an interactive chart using the book as a model.  Each child chose a color and an animal (I see a red frog.)  We did it over a few days because it is hard for them to sit long enough to do the whole class.  Sometime next week, we will cut them up and put them back together.  I will type them up and let them illustrate it for a class book.  We made most of another class book today (two kids were out so I will get them to do their page next Monday). 

 I have all sorts of Brown Bear activities from the kind teachers on the internet.  We used the Brown Bear spinners to graph, we rolled and colored Brown Bear animals, and we made Brown Bear puppets (colored the animals, cut them out, and taped them to popsicle sticks).  The puppets were a big hit!  I have a few books to make still, so I will try to find some time next week.

Next week will be our Apple Week.  We have asked the parents to send in an apple on Tuesday.  We have to get permission from the parents to let them taste the apples.  I remember when we could cook every week in Kindergarten and no one questioned it but now we are very limited due to health policies and allergies.  It is ironic because now we have more time (compared to half day Kindergarten).  Do you still cook frequently with your kids?

We read Ten Apples up on Top and the kids make their own page for the class book (eventually, we make about 25 a year and each child takes one home to keep at the end of the year.)
Here is the page in case you are interested.

Ten Apples

I created an apple patterning freebie for you, too (well, really for my team but you can share, too).  I modeled it after the fun mouse patterns.  Patterns are not covered in the core curriculum in either Kindergarten or First Grade.  Hmmm.... are they going to expect them to learn it in preschool?Apple Patterns

I am linking up to the Clutter Free Classroom linky party.  Jump over to see what everyone is up to!


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Just found your blog. Thanks for the freebies. I am doing Ten Apples Up On Top tomorrow!!

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