Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Black Dots

We made it through the first two weeks with our little cuties.  The first two weeks were both short weeks (we missed the first day of school because of the hurricane and then Labor Day was the next week).  Now we face our first five day week (Why does that sound so long?).  We have lots of fun activities we do at the beginning of the year and I thought I should share a few with you!
We read this book every year at the beginning of the year.  We introduce the idea of sets and let the kids get creative.  If you are not familiar with this book, it counts dots and shows how they can be a part of a picture.

As a follow up, we make a class book.  First, the kids brainstorm what the ten dots can be: a train, a snake, a necklace.  Then I dot their paper with my bingo dotter in a random pattern (you can let the kids do this but I have found they tend to get carried away and dot way more than you are hoping for!),

As the kids are working, I walk around and write the words for some of them, sound it out for some of them, and admire the phonetic spelling of my more adventurous young writers.  It is the first time this year that they have tried to write anything so it was a good start.

Here is my favorite picture this year:

Grab one here:
Ten Dots

Have a great  (long!) week!


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