Sunday, May 25, 2014

Morning Glories!

I was inspired by  Carolyn at Kindergarten:Holding Hands and Sticking Together to grow morning glories in our classroom.  These flowers climb up your window (or the string you put up) and open each morning.  Hers are awesome!  I think she planted them very early (like in February).  

Ours are almost to the top of the strings but so far, no flowers.  We have four more weeks so I am hopeful.  They have been lots of fun to watch grow!  The vines twirl around the strings and seem to grow several inches every night.  

We also planted carrot seeds and bean seeds.  We observed the beans in baggies on the window before Spring Break but I planted the leftover seeds in dirt a week or two ago.  They sprouted quickly and I put some strings for them in case they get big enough. The beans grow very quickly.

Lima Bean Sprouts

We made some awesome flower pictures.  The kids made a circle using oil pastels, then added the petals, leaves, and a few vines.  They used watercolors to paint however they liked, all the way to the outside of the paper.  I love how they turned out!


Leslie said...

Ooooh, I love this flower project. I make a similar one with pumpkins in the fall. This'd be perfect for spring!

Justin03 said...

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Unknown said...

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