Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fire Safety in Kindergarten

Every October, we visit the fire station.  The firefighters dress up in their fire suits and explain what each item is for.  We get to see the fire engines and learn about the hoses and equipment.  We see where the fire fighters sleep, eat, and wash their clothes.  We enjoy walking through the ambulance and jumping out.  It is cold and breezy in the fire station garage.  Lovely field trip.  I believe I have been over thirty times now (for many years, I had the joy of going twice in one day with the am and pm classes).  

We get ready for the trip by reading lots of fiction and non-fiction books.  We talk about what we already know (our schema) and what will see during our visit.  We practice stop, drop, and roll.  We talk about what we would do if there was a fire in our house.  We talk about how the firefighters look and never to hide from them.  

All very exciting.  I think the kids love the element of danger and excitement.  

In our community, we often see the firefighters shopping at the grocery store, with their fire truck sitting in the parking lot.

Today the kids made some fire engines, complete with ladders, hoses, sirens, lights and wheels.  The cute little firefighters and song are the icing on the cake, aren't they?

Also, several of the kids told me that gold is their favorite color!


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