Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Under the Sea Art day

We were going to have our Fun in the Sun day today: water play, sidewalk chalk, parachute games, playdoh, and popsicles.

 However, it is raining here and looks like it will rain most of the week.  So we quickly rearranged our schedules a little to enjoy our Under the Sea art day today and put off the Fun in the Sun day until June (when we are hoping for some lovely sun!).

The kids were mostly disappointed about the popsicles.

Our Under the Sea Day was created a few years ago.  Our school, which had always had an Art Extravaganza Day, for some reason, cancelled it one year.  We decided to create our own art day. We have four classes in Kindergarten this year and each teacher reads a book with a sea theme and then does an art project based on their book.

Octopus handprints

My book was Over in the Ocean.  It is a counting book and a song (so of course I sang it to them).  We discussed the various sea creatures in the book. Then they got to use the big stamp pads to make an octopus.  They decorated it with some lovely sequins and googly eyes.  They made a border around their picture using bingo dotters.  If they had time, they colored in some seaweed, water, bubbles, and fish around the octopus.

Mr. Seahorse
My friend Sherry read Mr. Seahorse. The kids each got a precut seahorse to decorate.  The kids got to glue on tissue paper squares and a googly eye!
Squid shaker
Rainbow Fish puppet

My friend Rita read The Biggest Thing in the Ocean and the kids made shakers out of paper plates and tissue paper streamers.

In my friend Beth's room, the kids listened to Rainbow Fish and then watercolored a stick puppet fish.

All the projects were a big hit.  The kids had a lovely morning and were not too disappointed (except for the popsicles!)

It was lots of fun.


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