Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pete the Cat Math Activity

My kids last year loved Pete the Cat!  They would listen to that book and sing along daily if I were willing.

We made a shoe book and a shoe graph.  We made giant shoes, strawberries, etc. and performed the book for the parents at the end of the year.

 So I decided to make a math activity to use at the beginning of the year with Pete.  I have never tried this so I hope it works!  Click the picture for the free download.

 Let me know if it works!  The graphics are from Lettering Delights.  Love them!


Colleen said...

Great idea! My class couldn't get enough of the book either. Good thing I enjoyed it as much. Did you know there is a new Pete book?

kinderdi15 said...

Love it! But I couldn't get the document to open.

Martha said...

Just read you post on kinderteacher board and am now following your blog; however, I too could not open the document. :0(

Laura said...

I linked to Scribd-hopefully the download will work now!

Andrea said...

Thank you for the download. I love this cat and will have to get the books. My theme this year is all about cats and dogs so this fits in perfectly!

Jackie Gray said...

Good Morning..I just became your newest follower! I heard "Pete the Cat" and the new book about his school shoes at the Mo. Kindergarten conference. I had to order as soon as I got home, I cant wait to introduce my new class to him, THANKS for the activity!
Here We Go Loopty Loo

Dee said...

Cute, cute, cute! I just found out about Pete the Cat this summer & I'm looking forward to using it with my class this year, thanks:)

Nice blog!


kdg94 said...

Thank for sharing! I just ordered both books - super excited! Where do I get the music/song for the books? Thanks, Jill

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